President Zelenskyy (video)


“The Needs of the Ukrainian Army Will Be Addressed.” – Zelenskyy

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  1. Spare a thought for this incredible man, who is forced to appear gracious and grateful to his benefactors, even though they are providing barely 20% of what he needs not just for his nation to survive, but to drive out a gigantic horde of degenerate savages, rapists, thieves, cutthroats and torturers and keep them out from his land forever.
    And still he has to find new words each day to describe the horror of what the putler regime is doing.
    The indifference of so many countries to this horror will not be forgotten.
    As for the axis of evil, ie the BRICS, Iran, the norks, the Afro-nazis etc, they must all be targeted with harsh sanctions.

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