Lukashenko admitted that part of the Russian army invaded Ukraine from the territory of Belarus

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He stated that Belarus should participate in the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian and Belarusian state media have begun publishing statements by dictator Alexander Lukashenko from his interview with Ukrainian pro-Russian propagandist Diana Panchenko.During the conversation, he, in particular, admitted that certain parts of the Russian army in February 2022 invaded Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

“Yes, from the territory of Belarus, certain units [of the RF Armed Forces] crossed the border of Ukraine.

Why did Russian troops cross the border of Belarus and Ukraine in the Chernobyl region? Ask Zelensky,” he said.

Lukashenka said that Ukraine could allegedly lose all its territories if it continues to conduct military operations to liberate it from the Russian Federation.

“And there will be no state like Ukraine, our state with you,” Lukashenka said.

The dictator said that the goals of the so-called “SVO” in the Russian Federation, in principle, have already been achieved, because in the future Ukraine “will never be so aggressive and pro-Western,”

He also told under what condition Belarus would enter the war.”If you, Ukrainians, do not cross our border, we will never participate in this war.

In this hot war. But we will always help Russia – these are our allies. You know that combat coordination, training, and ammunition, weapons, and so on – 55 countries are helping you.

And only Belarus is openly helping Russia like this,” the dictator said.

He stated that Belarus should participate in the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.ย “We border on Ukraine, we are actually “co-aggressors”, as it is customary to say in you (in Ukraine) and in the West.

Naturally, our interests are there, and our position should be heard.

Therefore, I do not exclude that Belarus is obliged, should be involved in the negotiation process,” Lukashenka added.

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