“He died as a martyr”: an influential Palestinian militant was “overdouble hundred” in Ukraine

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The occupant’s father called his son a “martyr” who died for Russia.

In Ukraine , one of the most influential Palestinian militants, Rami al-Farra, who fought on the side of Russia, was liquidated .

According to  Newsweek , the elimination of the militant was confirmed by his father Haytham al-Farra. He stated that his son died on August 5 during the fighting in Ukraine. 

This is the first known death of a Palestinian during the Russian-Ukrainian war.Al-Farra was engaged in “guarding the military who cleared the territory” somewhere near the city of Bakhmut. 

The father said that the militant died “rescuing his wounded friends.

Al-Farra was born in Russia in 1994 to a Russian mother and a Palestinian father. 

He spent his childhood in the Gaza Strip, and returned to the Russian Federation as a teenager. 

In 2007, al-Farra left Gaza and lived in the Krasnodar Territory.Al-Farra’s father said the gunman had both Russian citizenship and a Palestinian passport. He allegedly went to war voluntarily, signing a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“He died as a martyr for the great Russia,” al-Farra’s father told the publication, calling his son a hero.

He called the Ukrainian shelling, which killed his son, “cowardly”, since the militant allegedly “did not fight, but was engaged in demining.

“At the same time, the Palestinian media write that al-Farra died in Russia. 

According to one version, it was a missile strike, according to another, a grenade explosion in Moscow.

Yevgeny Finkel, editor-in-chief of the Russian-language Israeli publication Newsru.co.il, said that the al-Farra family clan is “one of the most influential in the south of the Gaza Strip.”

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  1. Palestine is a fake country whose name was invented by Roman occupiers.
    In modern times it consists of the descendants of Arab invaders and Jordanians who migrated there for work.
    It was presided over for decades by a tribal boss; a genocidal lunatic Egyptian who claimed to be “Palestinian.” That was Yasser Arafat, who from day one was a Russian asset.
    The whole Palestine-Israel conflict was manufactured by Russia; deploying its tried and tested “divide and conquer” tactic; the same that is being used in Nagorno-Karabakh.
    So it is fitting that a Russo-Pali terrorist got smoked.
    Palis are very like putlerstanis: they love to breed terrorists.
    It is an utter disgrace that Israel continues to support putlerstan whilst masquerading as even-handed. The Jewish state helping a Nazi regime to murder civilians in a Christian country with a Jewish president.
    Israel should never be forgiven for this treachery.

  2. Just another dead terrorist scum dying for a terrorist scum country, except this time not his own terrorist scum country, which makes him 3 times more stupid than your average moron.

    ‘He called the Ukrainian shelling, which killed his son, “cowardly”, since the militant allegedly “did not fight, but was engaged in demining.’
    Yeah right.

    Goat fucking in hell now anyway.

  3. “Rami al-Farra, … fought on the side of Russia”
    This ain’t gonna help the cause of the Palestinians one little bit. But interesting to know that a family of Gaza militants lives a sheltered live in Russia.

  4. Croaking for mafia land doesn’t make you into a martyr, it makes you into dog food … and then dog crap.

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