Germany sends IRIS-T launchers to Ukraine


Germany has provided Ukraine with a new military aid package that, among other things, includes launchers for the IRIS-T SLS air defense system.

This follows from the updated list of military support for Ukraine, which has been published on the German government’s website, Ukrinform reports.

Germany handed over two such IRIS-T SLS launchers to Ukraine. Earlier reports said that two IRIS-T SLM air defense systems were already protecting Ukrainian airspace.

The package also includes over 4,500 rounds of 155mm smoke ammunition, ten GO12 ground surveillance radars, four 8×8 HX81 truck tractor trains, four semi-trailers for them, and eight 15-tonne load-handling trucks.

Germany is the second largest provider of military aid to Ukraine after the United States.


  1. Thank you, Germany, for being the second-largest military supplier. Where are the frogs in all of this?

  2. Since fat STASI-Merkel was replaced by a true Hamburger Germany has (at least slightly) changed into the right direction. Although i prefer Kubicki over Scholz.

    • With horror, I think how things would be with the fat bloodsucking tick still in the Kanzleramt.

  3. The photo above shows the SLM system, the SLS variant is shorter range, on tracks, designed for safeguarding frontline units. A picture can be found in the report “Ukraine received the first IRIS-T SLS air defense system” at Militarnyi ( Since Russia steps up the attacks by tactical aircraft now, as Ukraine Today reported, these systems arrive just in time to help the offensive. I wish the AA teams good hunting!

    • Thanks for the update on that, Mr. Gray. I am aware of the two system types. I am glad that Germany is keeping on top of things, in this regard. Of course, I also wish them happy hunting.

      • Thanks, ofp! Yeah, regarding AA systems, Germany’s a very dedicated supporter (though I wish we would upgrade production capacity). That’s because supplying defensive weapons ain’t such a controversial topic here. When it comes to cruise missiles, on the other hand, Chancellor Scholz seems to be very afraid of hurting Russia (an idiotic stance in a war, in my opinion). That’s also indicative of his lack of leadership, he deliberately waits for the US president to make the first move, and Biden ain’t no bold decision maker, neither. Thus, no long range Taurus missiles yet, despite the UK and France already delivering their variants. I’m sorry that our government is led by such a “second banana”, but it had been a “leeser evil” election, the other candidates were even worse, only third class. 🙁

        • Indeed, Mr. Gray, both of our nations have politicians and politics that belong in a garbage can. They are doing more harm than good, especially Biden.

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