Ukraine war| Unreal! HIMARS tested to it’s limits (video)


HIMARS tested to it’s limits, still Obliterates Russian air defenses

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  1. In a video I posted earlier from Denys Davydov he was saying that the S-300 systems in the video were Ukrainian, but then I run across this guy saying that the destroyed S-300 systems were rashist. Makes it challenging to accurately report when presented with contradictory information. This guy geolocated it however, whereas Denys Davydov did not. Here’s hoping this guy is right about the incident, and that it was indeed orc’s equipment that was demilitarized.

    Total Victory for ALL of Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦💪

    Death to the genocidal rashist horde, temporary occupiers and their leaders!!! 💥🔥☠️

    • This is true, Sir Bill. I also don’t know what the truth is regarding that Turkish ship that was at first supposedly forced to stop by the orcs, but also supposedly didn’t stop. I found contradicting reports.
      The first victim in a war is the truth.

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