U.S. blocks Ukraine from game-changing cluster munitions for HIMARS – Newsweek

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Cluster shells for artillery have already played an important role, but they have a short range.

Ukraine is seeking the supply of M26 DCIPM unguided cluster rocket munitions from the United States for HIMARS and M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems . They are an even more advanced version than the type of cluster munition that Ukraine is now receiving, writes Newsweek .

Long-range missiles armed with cluster rocket munitions are the key to overcoming the layered Russian defense, said Dan Rice, a former US Army officer and former adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

If you get 2,000 cluster rocket munitions, I think the war will end. It’s that simple,” said Rice, who, according to Newsweek, had a hand in an earlier decision to transfer 155mm artillery cluster munitions to Ukraine.

According to Rice, the M26 DCIPM will allow Ukrainian troops to more effectively hunt down Russian artillery, the main killer on the battlefield that constantly harasses Ukrainian units trying to break through Russian defenses. 

He noted that at a distance of up to 25 kilometers, Russians are now being successfully destroyed by 155-millimeter cluster shells for cannon artillery. But further inland, the Russians could use rocket-propelled cluster shells with a range of up to 45 kilometers.”

The Russian frontline battalions will be destroyed and the rear echelon will be destroyed.

We have tens of thousands of these cluster rockets in Germany, lying around waiting to be disposed of. Instead of destroying them, just give them to the Ukrainians. And they will win the war,” Rice said. 

He noted that American units never go into battle unless they have artillery support armed with DCIPM rockets.“

And if the commander was ordered to fight without it, they would call it an illegal order and resign because you are not giving American soldiers what they need,” Rice explained.

He also noted that Ukraine requested cluster shells for barreled artillery and cluster rockets for HIMARS at the same time more than a year ago. 

Now cluster shells are finally being delivered, but rocket-propelled cluster shells are still not.

Congress speaks out loud: we have approved cluster munitions for artillery; missiles have exactly the same sub-express, but we are not going to approve missiles. It’s just hypocrisy,” says Rice.

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  1. WH: A longer war means more profit, when we supply everything it will be over in 2 months…………..less profit.

  2. I don’t think Rice’s opinion of it’s provision ending the war is correct. However rocket assisted DPICMS should be a ” no-brainer. Unfortunately too many in both chambers of Congress as well as current administration, don’t seem to have the brains God gave a squirrel. 🐿️

    • I thought congress or at least the senate said to give those munitions. I got a shitty feeling this is the asswipes in the white house.

  3. “If you get 2,000 cluster rocket munitions, I think the war will end. It’s that simple,” said Rice, who, according to Newsweek, had a hand in an earlier decision to transfer 155mm artillery cluster munitions to Ukraine.”

    Every time an option becomes available that can be the proverbial “game-changer” for Ukraine, it gets kicked into touch.
    WTF is going on?

    • While the media-led group thinkers are distracted by thinking Trump will force Ukraine to cede land it is the Biden admin that is ACTUALLY doing the same thing through back channels with NATO. Its ok, they will continue gawking at what ever shiny object the media sends out.
      If Ukraine wins back their territory then there will be nothing to swap with and Bidenov won’t get credit for his brilliant negotiations with Hitler 2.0. It is pretty clear if people are not distracted.

  4. Two weeks from now the UAF will announce that Sergey in his garden shed has tested and proved he can make clusters in a rocket work.

  5. Ukraine; Just because you didn’t design it to work like that doesn’t mean we can’t make it.

  6. The United States has the worst governments since 2001, flooding our country with central american scum and drugs, betraying our allies, shifting production to China/Taiwan and driving the nation into bankruptcy. MAFIA! 🖕

  7. Maybe it’s becoming more clear now that there is no wish for a quick end to this war or a decisive victory for Ukraine. Maybe this methodology is driven by greed? Maybe gross incompetence. Most likely, it’s just plain old cowardice.

    • It is inexplicable. Biden and the allies have the means to help Ukraine end putler’s horror right now, but they won’t.
      A win for Ukraine is a win for Biden and vindication of his policies.
      He must know that surely?
      Everyone loves a winner. He could bask in the glory and defeat an opponent who wants genocide.
      I don’t get it man.

      • The entire situation is more than weird. RuSSia on one side could carpet-bomb the hell out of Ukraine while the US keeps withholding advanced weapons and planes. Smells like a secret deal intended to force Ukraine to give up most occupied territories. Bah!

  8. Children and farmers will die or lose limbs from the unexplored ordinance later going off. It is certain.

    Many of those farmers and other Ukrainians will die anyway fighting Russian occupation if they don’t have the munitions they need to survive now and not be able to have as many children as they’d like.

    We (the US) should let Ukraine decide how best to plan for their children.

    Cluster munitions are neither greatly expensive nor much escalation risk.

    • Agreed.
      “Cluster munitions are neither greatly expensive nor much escalation risk.”

      But the old man in the Yellow House is hell bend for leather not to provoke the little gutter rat too much with such ammo – amongst other things, as if we are some second-rate country and not the United States of America.

  9. Let me start by saying that I agree that the US should send Ukraine all the DCIPM’s we have that Ukraine can use.

    But I disagree with the statement, “We approved cluster munitions for the artillery shells. The rockets have the same exact submunition but we’re not going to approve the rockets. That’s just hypocrisy.”

    My understanding is that the only reason we agreed to send the 155-millimeter cluster munitions is that there were no other 155-millimeter artillery shells available to send. So, it was send the cluster munitions or send nothing.

    If we have enough HIMARS rounds to keep Ukraine supplied without having to ship the DCIPM’s, then not sending the cluster munitions isn’t hypocritical, because it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

    (We should send them regardless, just because they’ll kill more orcs. I’m just addressing the logic of the statement.)

  10. The only constraint on Russia is availability of weapens. The constraint on Ukraine is squaking chickens in the West, USA in particular.

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