Poroshenko increases funding for the development of equipment for the front: our shared meta is a win (politics, photo, video)

Petro Poroshenko voiced about the increase in financing for the production of refurbishment car repair shops (PARM), laparoscopic complexes, other equipment and possession for the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

After having told about the hour of the trip to the enterprises, they changed the production for the needs of the army at once.

At the reception, they say how it was possible to change the peaceful pre-war profile on military rails: “Susid negligence, who came to our territory and dictates his rules to us. 

Not for whom did everyone wake up, they would wake up, so that someone would come and, having begun to dictate to us, ruin everything for us, what we went to, what we bazhal. Just come and occupy our territories. 

The main task at once is the victory. Everything that we have robbed, contributes to the bik and pracsyuemo to overcome.

“We reprofiled our undertaking for the Evil Forces of Ukraine. 

It helps our Viysk people with such speeches, like an eight-fold pipe of a rozvіdnik, like helping to save life, look out of the trench from behind the horn, from behind the wall. Qiu tube rozvіdnika transferred bezshtovno from those parts, yakі її require. 

We also have a power bank. Wines are folded in two parts, here you can charge like a telephone, stations, so here it’s 12V out, 220V out – you can turn on Starlink, otherwise you can charge the car’s battery, so it won’t turn off, ”rozpovidat at the factory.The company is also preparing FPV drones and forming a school for training drone pilots.“Maximum susilla – seems to be more on FPV drones. 

Looks like on fighting units, we transfer them from the train. We have grown to know our models, our cars and their experiences in the sky,” the virobnik says.

Ukrainian enterprises at the same time try to independently prepare the necessary details, based on Chinese details.“Let’s continue to develop this topic, improve it, multiply it – we plan to have a thousand drones a month.”

“Usі forces may but directed to win. Mustache Ukrainian warfare can protect the needs of the front. 

And we can support the virobniks, as if they were reasonable,” Petro Poroshenko says.“From the moment of a large-scale invasion, a lot of enterprises were changed to military rails. And mi zі “Right Community” and the Fund Poroshenko, Roshen zavantage їh zamovlennyami for the front. 

They provided workers with salaries, they could pay taxes to the local budget. 

For the Ukrainian economy is tenaciously our army,” the President said.“Itself here, in this city, the laziness and PARMs are growing, as we are transported to the front. 

Mayzhe 300 engineers work every day, but our warriors made such necessary speeches on the battlefield,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko’s Fund and the NGO “Right of the Community” in the early stages of a large-scale invasion of Russia have already transferred 70 hospital and repair complexes to various brigades of the Armed Forces, 22 complexes of refurbishment car repair shops. 

Today’s visit is not very easy – we have taken decisions to improve the arrangements for the construction of a manhole and repair shops. Wars at the front ask for more daedals,” Poroshenko said.“

It is an honor to squeeze the hands of the talented Ukrainian workers and enterprises that will secure the front with the necessary and at the same time trim our economy.

 Today we have one meta — the victory of Ukraine.” s



    • He is well respected in the West, and is close to being a billionaire through his Roshen company, which makes the best cakes in Ukraine. It was him that built the army back up after Maidan.

  1. You must hand it to Poroshenko. He’s been relentlessly and tirelessly providing various types of equipment for the army since the war started.

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