Kursk and Zaporozhye nuclear power plants are under threat: Putin “gave the green light” to a double catastrophe – media

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk10:20, 08/16/233 min.1524

The criminal plans of the dictator are supported by part of the leadership of the power and military blocs of the Russian Federation, the journalists found out.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin recently ordered to resume preparations for a man-made disaster at the Kursk nuclear power plant, the Russians plan to implement the criminal plan in late August and early September.

The Telegram channel “General SVR” says that almost “simultaneously with the man-made disaster at the Kursk NPP, a similar action is being prepared at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.” 

“The Russian leadership will declare the double catastrophe as a “terrorist attack” on nuclear facilities, which they will blame Ukraine for,” the channel notes.

According to him, the leader of the Russians is ready to provoke radiation pollution of vast territories of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus and other countries, colossal civilian casualties in order for his country to get out of the strategic impasse in which it found itself during a full-scale war against the Ukrainian state.

The material notes that the dictator demands an “effective” and quick solution to the Russian problem, since he does not have time to “expect a miracle from the Russian troops” – “he is seriously ill with no chance of recovery.” 

According to the media, the leader of the country sees the solution to the problem of the Russian Federation in “creating an even more acute crisis.”

“Now the situation has developed that these criminal plans of the President of Russia are supported by part of the leadership of the power and military blocs, and instead of blocking Putin’s crazy ideas, these plans receive support and are being prepared for implementation…”, the channel shared.

General SVR” emphasizes that several attempts by “enemy” drones to allegedly attack Kurchatov are nothing more than provocations agreed with the Russian military leadership, the leadership of the FSB and personally with Putin to show “the readiness of the Ukrainian side for nuclear terror.”

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  1. my mum always told me
    do not strike nuclear power plants
    that is dangerous
    don’t do it bert

    i never did

      • Never forget not to trust ‘Bert’, he’s a parody of my surname ‘HilBERT’. 😎 Anyway, i’m still confident that there is some sober generals left in the ruSSian system. Hopefully.

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