From the FB page; We Stand By Ukraine

Tecla Squillaci

Aug 15

🔴Russian propaganda spreads the false idea that Putin calls for negotiations with Ukraine and “would like” peace.

This is absolutely false.

And he recently said he would only consider opening negotiations if Ukraine first agreed to cede 22% of its territory, including not only Russian-occupied territory but provinces claimed by Russia (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, city of Sevastopol, Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia oblasts). This is a call for capitulation, not a call for negotiations.

Foreign Minister Lavrov also said that Russia intends to occupy Mykolaiv and Odessa oblasts up to the border with Moldova. Putin called Ukraine a “fake country” and published an essay in which he included several other oblasts in “New Russia” and falsely claimed all of Ukraine as “Old Russian lands”.

Is Russia willing to end the war? Or just to accept a frozen conflict, giving it the freedom to continue destroying Ukrainian identity in its occupied territories, and the time to rebuild its forces and try to invade and destroy all of Ukraine again?

Putin is obsessed with destroying it, colonizing it and restoring a Russian empire. Ukrainians cannot interpret the Russian genocide of Ukrainians in any part of their country as “peace”. There will be no real and lasting peace as long as Putin and his ideas are in power, and there will be no security in Europe as long as Russia and the Russians do not give up their colonial aspirations.

The way to achieve this is to help the Ukrainians soundly defeat Russia. Russian rulers don’t last long after losing wars. A defeated empire can become a normal country over time.

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  1. Sometimes we can see more urgency from these low key support sites.
    The writer of this piece knows what we all know: putler isn’t stopping. The cauldron of devilry has the means, the motivation and the capability to go on for many years.
    Eventually, if not stopped, the rat dictator will put millions of invader scum into Ukraine.
    The putinaZi economy dropped by 2.5% last year and is expected to grow this year. Ukraine dropped by 30%.
    The only sanctions that work are the ones that cause a 180° shift in the policy of the aggressor. This has never happened in history.
    The present sanctions regime is pathetic. The rouble has hit 100 to the dollar. So what? It needs to be thousands, vatniks need to be starving and every city needs to be plagued with massive scale rioting.
    Only a huge military victory for Ukraine will stop the savagery.

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