Aug 14

I don’t understand why people are still donating to the Red Cross. In addition for being a completely morally bankrupt organization who supports war crimes, they literally are using your money to pay insane compensations for their top executives.

Here are just some examples:

  • $781,120: Clifford Holtz, Chief Operating Officer
  • $751,789: Chis Hrouda, President, Biomedical Services
  • $723,696: Shaun Gilmore, Chief Transformation Officer
  • $640,483: Gail McGovern, President and CEO

Also, here are several posts of mine about this morally bankrupt organization:



  1. This amoral organization is typical of today’s international organizations, who have all lost their dignity and reasons to exist. They’ve become ruthless and unprincipled. It’s only about money, and, as we see, they will go to bed with the devil to get it; Mafia land. And, the mafiosi there know very well how to seduce them all.

  2. On top of their ludicrous salaries they don’t provide the support needed to Ukraine. They’re No1 to the scum suckers but nothing for us.

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