The Economist: Captured Russians Ask Not To Exchange Them Until Contract Ends

They do not want to become “cannon fodder” again.


Russian prisoners of war held in a camp in the Lviv region are asking the Ukrainian authorities not to exchange them until the end of their contracts, or even until the end of the war. The inmates do not want to take part in hostilities and become “cannon fodder”.

This is stated in The Economist material.

It is noted that in this case they will be behind bars until the end of the war in Ukraine.

A representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Akile Despres, visited the prisoners in the Lviv camp. He found that many of them looked much older than their years. There are also many who are sick and weak, and “it is very hard to believe that they could be useful other than as cannon fodder,” said Pyotr Yatsenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War.


  1. I can fully understand their desire to remain locked up. They were lucky the first time by being captured. They might very well end up dead if they get sent back to the crime syndicate.

  2. That decision is for Ukraine to make; based on what’s right for Ukraine.
    As I understand it, many more Ukrainian POW’s are being held in terrible conditions in putinaZi concentration camps than orcs are being held in comfortable conditions inside Ukraine. Many more orc POW’s need to be taken and many, many, many more orcs need to get fucking smoked.
    Btw; the Ukrainians should tell the Red Cross to fuck off. It’s staffed by tankies from top to bottom.

    • I think that if Ukraine decides to keep any orcs in captivity, it’ll be the ones who are fit and healthy. They are the ones who are potentially effective fighters, more or less. Most likely, they will prefer to get rid of the sick and weak ones. Thus, they will eliminate the burden of caring for them. Besides that, the weak and ailing orcs will pose less of a danger when they are thrown into the meat grinder again.

      • Whereas the putinaZi scum take fit and healthy men, torture them physically and mentally within an inch of their lives and then send them back needing years of recovery.

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