The deadly blow of the Russian Federation on the plant in Lutsk: the media learned the details about the victims and injured (video)

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk14:00, 08/15/232 minutes.1179

As a result of enemy shelling, three people were injured and hospitalized, the SBU noted.

Lutsk news today , August 15, is tragic – as a result of a Russian missile strike, workers at the plant died and were injured, who did not go into cover during the air raid.The details of the enemy missile attack were told by a former employee of the enterprise, a resident of Lutsk, Maria Fidrik, Suspilna reports . 

The employee noted that she knows people who were victims of shelling. “I can’t say anything without tears.

I worked here at the plant for 36 years. It’s very hard, I know these people who died,” the interlocutor said.Journalists noted that a total of four victims are known: one injured person is being treated on an outpatient basis, two victims are in the regional hospital, and another victim with burns was admitted to the city hospital.Details of the Russian missile attack on LutskDetails of the Russian missile attack on LutskThe Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region reported that as a result of an enemy missile attack on an industrial facility in Lutsk, three people were injured and hospitalized.

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