Solovyov was hysterical because of the decision of Mercedes-Benz: he threatens to sue the concern (video)

Katerina Chernovol00:49, 08/16/232 minutes.

The other day Mercedes-Benz decided to disconnect Russian dealers from its software.

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov hysterically reacted to the decision of the German concern Mercedes-Benz to disconnect dealers in the Russian Federation from their software.“

Mercedes-Benz told the dealers that it was shutting down all Russian cars from service. So they sold the product, and now it has become dangerous? Where is the class action lawsuit against this company?

Where is the class action lawsuit directed against Mercedes-Benz, demanding that they buy back all the cars they sold to Russia?” – Soloviev issued on the air of his talk show.At the same time, he added that now driving these cars is “potentially dangerous.””Why don’t we protect the rights of Russian citizens? Why don’t we ruin this Nazi bastard who heads the concern?

What is it? They received money, now they left Russia with the right to buy out their factories, and now they say:” turn off updates. “So what, like the Russians … How is that? In what country is this possible?

Where are the gigantic lawsuits against these bastards with the arrest of all their property, if any is still left here, with a complete denial of the right to foreclosure? I generally think that it is necessary to file multibillion-dollar lawsuits and simply sue the bastards.

That is, Mercedes-Benz has completely destroyed its reputation. It is no more, it simply is not,” the propagandist said.It is noteworthy that he himself seems to be a fan of this brand. 

According to journalists, Solovyov’s car park has at least a Mercedes-Benz Maybach S500 and several Mercedes-Benz “beads” on which his guards move.Solovyov urged to punish the owners of Mercedes-Benz

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  1. When this amoeba spits poison like this on mafia TV, then something good happened.
    But, why does it take so darned long for certain companies to move out of mafia land?

  2. ”Why don’t we protect the rights of Russian citizens? Why don’t we ruin this Nazi bastard who heads the concern?”

    Why are you driving a nazi car? Isn’t driving a lada more patriotic?

  3. Good luck with that ivan.

    Ah, yeah, nah, see the thing is ivan, we are MB Europe, not MB moskovia, they’re a completely different concern, nothing to do with us here. MB moskovia didn’t pay for the service we were supplying, so due to our terms of Business etc.etc.etc.

    Funny how the moskali scum love the Western luxuries so much but hate the West.

    • Quarter Million Russians lives ruined, but no Mercedes updates is what gets his goad. Classic scumbag. Shoigu where is my fucking Mercedes update!!!!!!

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