Skabeeva admitted that Crimea is Ukraine (video)

Angela Bachevskaya01:39, 08/15/232 minutes.11755

The propagandist is convinced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will strike at the Crimean bridge.

On Russian television, they recognized that the occupied Crimea is part of Ukraine . 

This statement was made by Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel.During a discussion of possible deliveries of German Taurus missiles to Ukraine, one of the “experts” said that their range could reach 750 kilometers. 

“Plus the possibility of expanding the potential of fuel tanks is another 15%. In total, we get 900 km,” he added.“

It is obvious that they are not going to strike at the territory of the Russian Federation. This is in fact a real Third World Nuclear War.

That is, they will most likely strike at Crimea. Judging by the footage that we are increasingly receiving, they will strike at Crimean bridge,” Skabeeva replied.Skabeeva recognized Crimea as Ukrainian

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