NATO allowed Ukraine to cede part of the territories in exchange for membership in the Alliance

Alexander Topchy18:13, 08/15/232 minutes.2

An associate of Jens Stoltenberg noted that the discussion about a possible post-war status is already underway, and that questions about the cession of territory to Russia have been raised by others.

The head of the NATO Chancellery,  Stian Jensen, suggests that Ukraine can get membership in the Alliance in exchange for ceding part of its territory to Russia. According to him, this could be part of the end of the war in Ukraine, writes the Norwegian newspaper  VG .

“I think the solution could be for Ukraine to give up the territory and get NATO membership in return.

I’m not saying it should be. But it could be a possible solution,” Jenssen said.Stoltenberg’s closest NATO ally says one needs to have some idea of ​​what the security situation will be like for Ukraine after the end of the war.

Jenssen pointed out that the discussion about a possible post-war status was already underway, and that questions about the cession of territory to Russia had been raised by others.

“It is important that we discuss how to get through this,” Jenssen said and repeated Stoltenberg’s words about what Ukraine should decide, when and under what conditions to negotiate.

According to Jenssen, everyone is interested in ensuring that the war does not repeat itself, and there are significant advances in the issue of Ukraine’s future membership in NATO.”Russia is experiencing huge military difficulties, and it seems unrealistic that they can capture new territories. Now it’s more about what Ukraine manages to return,” he said.

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  1. The Stoltenberg idea is announced. Ukraine gives up. Give everything occupied to Putin for may be future membership of NATO.

  2. If this is true, then the old Marxist politician Stoltenberg is finally showing his hand. It also shows why Biden wanted him in situ for another year; to avoid Ben Wallace putting the kybosh on this disgusting plan.
    Last year, a “back channel” offer was allegedly made to putler on the lines of :
    “Keep Crimea, end the war, cease occupying the rest of Ukraine and you and your murder gang get immunity from prosecution.”
    It was rejected by putler.
    This time the offer could be : keep everything that Ukraine does not retake in the counteroffensive and end the war.
    The rehabilitation of the putinaZi regime would commence and the Franco-German-putler shitshow would revert almost to business as usual.
    It is very important that putler and Russia gets no reward for committing the most foul crimes in history.

  3. At least some people start telling the truth, admitting that the shitty support Ukraine gets is nowhere enough to defeat the RuSSian Federation’s troops in Ukraine.

  4. This is bullshit propaganda. It’s a fuckin trial balloon to see who rises to it. It’s horse shit plain and simple and I don’t believe one word

    • The core question is : is the military support Ukraine receives sufficient to achieve Zelensky’s goals or not. Principles are on a different page.

  5. I don’t think this is a bad thing, as it gives Russia less reason to hang on some territory.

    I actually think this is only advantageous to Ukraine.

    Imagine Ukraine manages to reach the Sea of Azov and makes Crimea intangible.
    They would still have to liberate the Donbas which is much harder as there is no way to really cut off Russian supplies.

    But imagine, Crimea is liberated, Ukraine recaptured its coastline.

    Why would Russia then keep the Donbas, which is a region that is only a huge money drain, almost completely destroyed and has only pensioners living there.

    I think Stoltenberg has the charisma of a potato, but I think he is fully supportive of Ukraine.

    • The mere idea to exchange valuable land that many thousands of Ukrainians died for and letting mafia land to keep it, just for a shitty and dubious NATO membership, is downright perverted.

      • I wonder where this originated from, is this guy just a mouthpiece from someone higher up the food chain? Someone in power is testing the water here, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Biden was involved.

        • That wouldn’t surprise me, either. It wouldn’t be the first time for him to come up with such a brainless idea. See our border disaster, and the disaster he created in Afghanistan.

            • Then, the cackling hyena Kamala Harris would be POTUS. God, what have we done to deserve this?

                  • Biden is like an empty bottle. Who is the superpower #1 in the world, Germany an economic superpower. These idiots need to show Putin, Xi and Erdogan who’s got the power. But politicians these days forgot what they are. They are not fearless but fearful. I don’t know how many hits they need on their heads to understand that dictators keep laughing at western weaklings. Rainbow flags, open for refugees… No guts, no spine. Men only can defeat these assholes, not these homosexuals!

  6. In the end Joe Biden can finally supply Ukraine with all weapons needed and change the game. What is he waiting for? Pelosi wants Putin downe, so do it or be exposed as lying trash.

  7. Exchanging land for NATO membership is NOT acceptable! It simply is not worth it! NATO is not worth it and letting mafia land get a piece of Ukraine is not worth it, and having all those good Ukrainians die for this shitty deal is not worth it!

    • Of course, but that isn’t the point.
      Why would Russia hold.on to some region if it cannot prevent NATO membership with it?

      I think Russia will fight less hard for like some remaining parts of Donbas, as it cannot change the course of Ukraine while before capturing only a square feet would make it impossible for Ukrainian to become a member of NATO.

      I think it will only increase the chance Ukraine will retrieve all its territories.

      • You don’t understand the ruskie mentality, Bert. They will twist and turn it to suit their own narrative for their people. And if Ukraine makes a deal, it would be damned for eternity to uphold its part of the deal, which means that those territories are lost forever. Once mafia land is defeated, Ukraine would not have to be a NATO member anyhow. Fuck NATO.

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