Mayor: After Mariupol base hit, Russians taking out wounded and dead all night


After the defeat of the Russian military base in the village of Yurivka near Mariupol, the invaders spent the whole night taking out their wounded and dead soldiers.

The Mariupol City Council reported this on Telegram citing Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko, according to Ukrinform.

It is noted that 50 wounded Russian occupants were brought to the Mariupol hospital after yesterday’s attack on a military base in the village of Yurivka, and some of them have already died.

“The occupants were placed in the city hospital No. 2 (MCR-17), 13 of them have already died. In Mangush, the hospital is full, and we know about five occupants who died. All night long, they were cleaning up the aftermath and removing the wounded, corpses and damaged equipment. According to the number of buses and trucks marked ‘300’, the number of casualties is high,” said Boychenko.

He added that enemy military equipment was also burned in Yurivka.

The report emphasizes that the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces show that there is no longer a safe rear for the Russian military in the occupied territory.

As reported, on August 14, the Ukrainian Defense Forces struck at the command post of the Russian invaders near Mariupol.

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