Getting ready for a difficult winter: Ukraine significantly increased daily gas production

Artur Kryzhny16:20, 08/15/232 minutes.92

Naftogaz launched two gas wells with a total capacity of 430,000 cubic meters per day.

Naftogaz Ukrainy announced that it had launched two gas wells . 

This will significantly increase daily production and help prepare for the coming winter.”

Another two high-yielding wells with a total production of more than 430,000 cubic meters of gas per day were put into operation by specialists from Ukrgasdobycha,” the report says .

Additional gas production will help to pump blue fuel into storage faster, which is especially important on the eve of the coming winter, which promises to be difficult for Ukrainians.

In addition, Ukraine will significantly save money that could be used to purchase additional volumes of gas from abroad. 

The current prices at the TTF gas hub in the Netherlands are 384 euros per thousand cubic meters of blue fuel. 

Thus, 430,000 cubic meters is 166,000 euros per day saved in the future. Per month – about 5 million euros, if prices do not change.

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