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Supporting Ukraine – Lifecycle manager Land Combat Missiles , GBAD and CUAS and GMG systems (surveying Loitering Munitions) @Belgian Defense – OSINT non-professional.

Aug 10

💙💛 The 111 known Ukrainian combat brigades are:

Army: • 34x Mechanized • 5x Tank • 5x Motorized • 4x Rifle • 2x Jaeger • 2x Mountain • 2x Assault • 1x Special Purpose • 1x Presidential

Air Assault Forces: • 4x Air Assault • 3x Airmobile • 1x Airborne • 1x Jaeger

Marine Corps: • 4x Marine

Air Force: • 1x Rifle

Territorial Defense: • 31x Defense

National Guard: • 7x Offensive Guard

National Police: • 1x Offensive Guard

Border Guards: • 1x Offensive Guard

General Staff: • 1x Guards

As for support brigades and regiments: • 3x Special Forces regiments • 16x Artillery brigades • 1x Rocket Artillery regiment • 2x Engineer brigades • 5x Engineer regiments • 3x Pontoon Bridge regiments • 7x Tactical Aviation brigades • 4x Army Aviation brigades • 1x Naval Aviation brigade • 5x Anti-Aircraft Missile brigades • 12x Anti-Aircraft Missile regiments

And there are at least 143 independent light infantry, reconnaissance, special forces, volunteer, tank, territorial defense, and rifle battalions.

These combat and combat support forces number at least 600,000 troops. All the signals, radar, radio-technical, electronic warfare, drone, logistics, maintenance, transport, medical, PSYOPS, naval, rear area security, training, military police, staff, etc. units add at least an additional 500,000 troops to the current strength of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Currently 32 combat brigades are in the rear training and waiting for the call to enter the fight in the next phases of the Ukrainian offensive. And (!) Ukraine keeps forming new brigades.

So, please don’t listen to people saying Ukraine is running out of units. russia is running out of units; Ukraine isn’t. And thanks to increased Western and Ukrainian artillery ammo production Ukrainian artillery units now regularly outshoot the russian artillery.

#ukraine #ukrainewar #warinukraine

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  1. Is he saying we have over 1.1 mm heroes on the field or support. That’s huge. Is that true?

    • According to wiki, it’s 700,000
      combat troops with 1,000,000 in reserve.
      Mr De Zitter is respected as a well informed pro-Ukraine commentator on LinkedIn, so I think he’s reliable.
      His numbers are quite a lot more than I thought, but still only a third of what they need to be.
      To win and keep the putinaZis out indefinitely, Ukraine will need a standing army of 3m, plus an independent nuclear deterrent.

      • No one, including Wiki, knows the true numbers of people in the AFU. I shall refrain from telling it. Suffice it to say that we have no manpower problem. I think I’ve said this last year already. We have a problem of not having certain decisive weapons and, occasionally, enough artillery ammo and sapping equipment. But, Ukraine is addressing this situation continuously. See the revamped S-200s, the water drones, air drones, ground drones, increased ammo production, electronic warfare capabilities, and more.

        • Whatever the true figure is, it must rise until it reaches 3,000,000. Plus a modern airforce, a state of the art air defence network, many thousands of long range fires, 500 modern MBT’s, twice the amount of artillery, hundreds more Bradleys, an independent nuclear deterrent, a few subs, and everything else that Gen Zaluzhnyi wants.
          Make putler pay for it. That $350 bn would be a down payment.

          • Indeed, Scradge, if I were POTUS, this war would never even have started. And if so, Ukraine would be covered in arms and ammo.

            • An NFZ would have killed this invasion before it even started. The West are fully responsible for the genocide in Ukraine.

              • They were spineless cowards then, and they are still spineless cowards now. Nothing at all has changed in all this time. You’d figure they would’ve taken an example of Ukraine’s bravery … even a small example.

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