Russia is preparing a new mobilization – GUR

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In preparation for this, the Putin regime passed a number of important laws to make it impossible to avoid mobilization.

Russia intends to restore the combat effectiveness and offensive potential of its army. 

Consequently, the leadership of the occupying army declares its intention to create a number of new military formations: airborne regiments, divisions, mechanized brigades.

According to Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in an interview with Obozrevatel , there is evidence of the intention of the Russian Federation to carry out a new wave of mobilization.

“According to our estimates, the Kremlin plans to mobilize several hundred thousand people for the war in Ukraine. To implement this plan in order to keep what Russia has occupied, as well as continue military pressure on our state, the enemy needs not only mobilization, but also time to training of soldiers and their equipment,” Skibitsky said.

The representative of the GUR noted that mass mobilization is an unpopular decision for the Putin regime, but there is no other way out. The Kremlin “has been preparing for this for a long time.”

“The aggressor state has already adopted a number of laws and regulations that toughen the punishment for failure to appear at the military registration and enlistment office and evasion of mobilization. Also in Russia, the draft age has been increased, and the war summons itself is now sent in electronic format,” Skibitsky said.

He recalled that Russians who have not committed war crimes and do not want to participate in the war against Ukraine are guaranteed protection under the “I want to live” project for voluntary surrender.

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  1. It takes nearly 2 years to produce a competent soldier, and only if you have a competent army in the first place. Russia does not have the latter and so can not produce the former. Putin will just get more cannon fodder.

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