Odessa is being attacked from the air, explosions are heard: air defense is working, at least one missile was shot down (updated, photo, video)

Odessa was again attacked by invaders from the air, kamikaze drones and “calibers” were launched around the city, three people were injured.Citizens heard several loud explosions, Dumskaya correspondents report.They report launches of “calibers” or false targets in the direction of Odessa

UPDATED AT 02:27 . Residents of the city report broken windows and doors.

UPDATED AT 02:39. During the air battle, our defenders shot down at least one missile.https://t.me/OdessaDumskayaNet/61513?embed=1
UPDATED AT 02:45. Odessa region – the threat of the use of shock drones!“According to the results of an enemy attack in Odessa, several fires broke out from the fall of rocket fragments. Windows were shattered in the buildings by the blast,” the regional military administration said.

UPDATED AT 03:05. “The enemy continues to attack. Once again sent shock drones to the southern regions! Don’t leave your hiding places! Do not expose the work of air defense! ”The Pivden operational command said.As a result of the rocket attack, three people were injured, the Odessa Regional Police Department reported.They are being helped.
UPDATED AT 08:05. During three night attacks, the enemy used 15 kamikaze drones and 8 Kalibr-type sea-based missiles. The air defense forces repelled all attacks, the Pivden operational command reported.As a result of shooting down rockets that the enemy sent to the center of Odessa, the wreckage damaged the dormitory of one of the educational institutions and a supermarket.The blast wave knocked out windows and damaged balconies in several buildings, and also hit cars parked nearby.Fires broke out at two sites.

UPDATED AT 09:20. The invaders damaged seven educational institutions during a night attack on Odessa. Six of them are in the Primorsky district, and one more in Khadzhibeysky (formerly Malinovsky), the mayor’s office said.




  1. Updated 11.30. According to the mayor’s office, as a result of the fall of debris and the blast wave in Odessa, 113 houses were damaged, including 7 educational institutions, one of which is an architectural monument. The house survey is currently ongoing.

    According to the mayor Gennady Trukhanov, fortunately, the fire in the hostel, on which the debris fell, was quickly curbed by rescuers.

    “For this is an old building and the fire could spread to a large area,” the mayor said.

    He added that now operational headquarters are working in the city, a survey of the affected apartments and the elimination of consequences are being carried out.

    The press service of the Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported that a pre-trial investigation had been launched into criminal proceedings on the fact of violation of the laws and customs of war (part 1 of article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

    “According to preliminary information, three civilians were injured. Information about other victims is being specified. As a result of the attack and fire, a hypermarket and a dormitory of one of the educational institutions were significantly damaged, apartment buildings, shopping facilities, educational institutions, office premises and cars were damaged,” – noted in the press service.

    Inspection continues, the full list of destruction and damage is still being established.

    As clarified in the State Emergency Service, rescuers eliminated the consequences of enemy shelling of Odessa at night. The hypermarket, where employees were wounded, received the greatest damage.

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