Destroyed to the ground: due to the terrible destruction in Odessa, Fozzy will not work (photo)

Larisa Kozova14:35, 08/14/232 minutes.670

Traders suffered millions in losses, almost 300 workers lost their jobs.

Tonight, due to the attack of Russian invaders in Odessa, the Fozzy hypermarket was completely destroyed. 

This is stated in a statement by the Fozzy Group.As noted, as a result of a Russian attack on the night of August 13-14, the premises of a hypermarket in Odessa were completely destroyed and cannot be restored. 

There were no fatalities, among the injured were three employees, now their condition is stable. 

“We remain in touch with them, their families and look forward to good news… Odessa today is the place of our pain.

The place of the burnt targets of our 270 employees who continued to go to work to feed their families and live a normal life even in conditions war. A place where once there was a beautiful updated Fozzy, the doors of which are now closed,” the network notes. 

It is also stated that Fozzy will not work in Odessa. 

“Odessites, dear, we thank you for your kind words of support, your indifference inspires and keeps us. We believe that we will stand and will definitely rebuild every square meter. Because our Ukrainian indestructible spirit cannot be destroyed or broken!” statement. © photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN© photo UNIAN

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  1. Fozzy is one of Ukraine’s most important businesses. It owns multiple brands including Silpo and Le Silpo.
    This a pure hate crime by putinaZi vermin.
    Their insurance company is unlikely to pay up. War and terror are not usually covered.
    Nevertheless, I expect Fozzy to bounce back.
    The putinaZis must pay back every penny for ALL of damage, plus full reparations.
    It’s got to be around the $2 trillion mark as a starting point.

  2. When will the US finally intervene like they did in Yugoslavia? Push all cowards downe a cliff and replace them with real men!

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