A massacre took place between “Kadyrovtsy” and Dagestanis in the occupied Zaporozhye

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As a result, about 20 soldiers were killed and more than 40 were injured.

In the temporarily occupied village of Mikhailovka, Zaporozhye region,  a bloody conflict broke out between units of the Russian army .

According to the  Center for National Resistance with reference to the Ukrainian underground, it all started on August 12, when propagandists arrived in the village to shoot a story about the “great contribution” of a Kadyrovite official to the development of the occupied territories.

Already in the evening in the Central Park area there was a verbal skirmish between the Kadyrovites and the Dagestanis. One of the invaders opened fire into the air from small arms automatic weapons. 

As a result, a fight broke out, in which one of the Russians was inflicted with numerous stab wounds incompatible with life. 

This, in turn, led to an open confrontation between the units with the use of GP-25 “Koster” underbarrel grenade launchers, offensive hand grenades and small arms automatic weapons. 

According to the underground, on both sides, irretrievable losses amounted to 20 servicemen of the Russian Federation units, and more than 40 wounded. After that, the commander of the Kadyrov unit (probably with the rank of colonel), as a punishment, was sent to the front lines.

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