Volunteers from Khmelnytskyi region handed over the first hundred kamikaze drones for the Armed Forces (video)

The first hundred “FPV” drones from the “Thousand kamikaze drones” project, for which the “Volunteers of Podillya” charitable foundation announced the collection at the end of May, were presented in Khmelnytskyi.Vitaliy Pidhaichuk, a charity fund volunteer, told Suspilno about this , Promyslovy Portal reports  .

According to him, the “Volunteers of Podillia” assembled the drones from parts on their own, and continue this process.

“We have now managed to accumulate and make a hundred drones, and starting tomorrow we will completely hand them over to the combat units that need them the most,” says Pidgaychuk.

According to him, the cost of each drone is approximately 10,000 hryvnias.

“Approximately, because the drones were assembled, soldered, twisted from Chinese parts and tested by the volunteers themselves, based on the model of the drone, which was handed over from the front, from near Bakhmut, by the Ukrainian military,” says Pidhaichuk.

According to volunteer Oleh Lypenko, it takes three hours to assemble one drone.

“We work together, so we calculated that it took us 600 working hours to assemble the drones. They converted our furniture production to the production of drones,” says the man.


Volunteers of Podillia” and representatives of the Khmelnytskyi company for the production of organic cosmetics came up with the idea not to buy ready-made drones, but to assemble them ourselves, says its representative Vadym Pylypchuk. 

According to him, he and his colleagues not only donated money for drones, but also helped logistically and technically.

“We calculated that for the price of one Mavik, you can assemble 11 such drones, which can also be used as reconnaissance drones. We have donated 300,000 hryvnias for this project, and will continue to invest in other drones. We will also have an eight-engine reconnaissance drone,” says Vadym Pylypchuk.

According to him, the military needs a lot of drones.

“Unfortunately, the enemy also has a lot of them. They make a lot of them, they have easier access to components, we are far behind them. We need to present not a hundred drones here, but a thousand at least once a month,” says the man.

According to Pidhaichuk, they plan to adjust logistics and further reduce the cost of drones, which are assembled in Khmelnytskyi.

According to him, each of these kamikaze drones, which themselves weigh less than half a kilogram, can take to the sky with a load of one kilogram and develop a speed of up to 170 kilometers per hour.

“Such speed, communication channels that are currently not jammed, and small sizes make these drones unreachable for the enemy and indispensable for our fighters. Technological advantage in any direction — it has a decisive role. What we are presenting is a very necessary thing. It will save several lives of our soldiers,” says Yury Smal, head of the Khmelnytskyi charitable foundation “Volunteers of Podillya”.

According to him, both 100 thousand hryvnias and 59 kopecks were donated to the project, and all of them are important, because drones continue to be manufactured.

According to volunteer Oleg Lypenko, after the first hundred drones, their production will go faster, because the technological process has already been established.



  1. That’s very nice. But, it’s a shame that the country must rely so much on volunteers for many essential items.

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