To Western Politicians: This is the Russian People’s War, NOT Putin’s War

David DeBatto

Aug 12

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David DeBatto

*Until further notice, all my efforts are connected to helping ensure total victory of Ukraine over Russia.* Geopolitical Analyst and Consultant. Retired U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent NCO.

I get quite tired of telling people that the war in Ukraine does actually have the overwhelming support of the Russian people. That fact is not just because there is no free press in Russia to report otherwise, or that the polls cannot be trusted. Both of those issues are definitely true. But anyone who is currently in contact with Russians, either inside or outside of Russia, or who have read the transcripts of the many intercepted phone conversations between Russian soldiers in Ukraine with their families back in Russia, learns that ordinary, everyday, non politically connected Russians very much support the war. In addition, many of those family members are quite pleased with the barbaric actions that their husbands/sons/fathers have unleashed on innocent Ukrainian civilians, including the elderly and children. No one, not even Putin has forced these savages to commit those kinds of atrocities. No, that is just in their DNA and is a part of their ‘unique culture’ and ‘mysterious Russian soul.’

Excerpt from New Eastern Europe:

“Another way to understand how this is not just Putin’s war is to look at concrete examples of citizens’ support. As with any conflict at this scale, Russia’s aggression is enabled by the silent assent or active support of all parts of society, well beyond the armed forces. Russian bureaucrats and so-called economic “technocrats”, many of whom the West previously viewed as liberals, ensure the smooth operation of the state machinery. Many Russian cultural figures and celebrities, meanwhile, openly salute the regime’s actions and fundraise for the war. One might argue that the actions of large parts of the elite do not necessarily correspond to the views of regular citizens. But one need not look further than the numerous telephone conversations intercepted by the intelligence services of Ukraine and its western partners to see how the wives and mothers of Russian soldiers encourage them to rape, torture and murder civilians, especially women. Countless cases of Russian women urging their husbands and sons to loot the household appliances, clothing and jewelry of regular Ukrainians have been a source of many Ukrainian memes. Meanwhile, users on Russian social media routinely display joy and triumph after every massive airstrike on Ukrainian civilians.”

– New Eastern Europe

So please President Biden and Secretary’s Austin and Blinken (and NATO leaders), stop calling this Putin’s war. It is not Putin’s war and never has been. Such talk is an insult to the Ukrainians and the western world that supports Ukraine.

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