Russian battalion commander Tomov testified (video)

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He talked about the significant losses of his unit.

The commander of the battalion of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Major Yuri Tomov, who was taken prisoner by Ukraine , testified.The video of the conversation with him was published by the Nikolaevsky Vanek Telegram channel . “We talked about the losses, about the prospects of Russia in this war, about the attitude of local residents in the Kherson region towards them, as well as about the” Ukronazis “and, of course, about the previous place of service at the base for storing nuclear weapons,” the author of the channel noted.

According to him, Tomov helps the Ukrainian military in the implementation of some combat missions with very classified information. 

Tomov (10/18/1977) is a battalion commander of the 1822nd battalion of the RF Armed Forces. He says that he came under “partial mobilization” in September, and has been in Ukraine since October 15. 

Prior to his appointment as commander, he was the chief of staff of this unit.

According to Tomov, as of now, the combat losses of his unit are about 30%. He says that no one is training the Russian military, and the soldiers themselves are depressed and refuse to perform combat missions.Combat Tomov testifies

Earlier, Russian pro-military channels reported that the reconnaissance battalion commander was captured during the operation of Ukrainian defenders in the occupied Cossack Camps in the Kherson region .

The propagandists tried to refute this, but later a video appeared with Tomov , in which he draws something on the map. You can hear the Ukrainian language behind the scenes.

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