Reznikov: Up to five mines per square meter can be found in some parts of frontline

13.08.2023 18:00

Up to five mines per square meter can be found in some parts of the frontline, which is a certain obstacle for Ukrainian troops.

According to Ukrinform, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said this in an interview with The Guardian.”

Today, Ukraine is the most heavily mined country in the world. Hundreds of kilometers of minefields, millions of explosive devices, in some parts of the frontline up to five mines per square meter.

Russian minefields are a serious obstacle for our troops, but not insurmountable. We have skilled sappers and modern equipment, but they are extremely insufficient for the front that stretches hundreds of kilometers in the east and south of Ukraine,” he said.

According to Reznikov, at this stage of the Ukrainian de-occupation campaign, Ukraine critically needs more mine clearance equipment, from minesweeping trawls to Bangalore torpedoes.

“The de-mining equipment has long been unlocked and we are grateful to our international partners for the already provided support.

An important step in this direction was the creation at the latest Ramstein meeting of the de-mining coalition at the initiative of the Lithuanian defense minister.

It is also vitally necessary to expand and expedite the training of sappers. It should be fast and systematic. Sappers are needed here and now.

Their work saves lives and ensures the advancement of our troops. The de-mining coalition is built on the principle ‘train and equip.’ Its efficient implementation will bring Ukraine’s victory closer,” the minister added.


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