Raid on the left bank of the Kherson region: a reconnaissance battalion commander was captured, he “surrendered” the positions of the Russian Federation (video)

Marta Gichko14:30, 08/13/232 minutes.3091The video shows how the major captures in detail on the map where the invaders are located.

Ukrainian soldiers carried out an operation in the occupied Cossack Camps of the Kherson region and captured a reconnaissance battalion commander.This operation is reported by the GRAY ZONE channel close to Wagner. 

According to him, on August 8, Ukrainian DRGs, numbering up to 40 people, moved from the right bank of the Dnieper to the left bank, using 7 low-speed motor boats, creating a foothold in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Cossack Camps.

The Russians hid this operation, denied it, and then gave out that they sank all the boats and finished off the DRG with artillery. However, the “Wagner Channel” said that all this is a lie. 

“But the working day of representatives of the most ancient profession did not end there, the information space was alarmed by the disappearance of the reconnaissance group of Major Tomov from the battalion of 1822 of the Russian Armed Forces, which went to the area where enemy saboteurs landed,” the channel writes.

Rospropaganda tried to hide all this and even threw in old videos allegedly with Ukrainian prisoners. 

However, Major Tomov and at least 17 other people from his group disappeared. The unlucky occupiers began to hit the bridgehead from artillery and “Solntsepekov”, despite the fact that there were their prisoners, wounded and, probably, living fighters. 

“Now the western part of the Cossack Camps is controlled by the enemy. Major Tomov is in captivity. The fate of the remaining 17 people from his group is unknown,” the channel writes.

Then the “Wagnerian” resource published a video in which a plump Major Tomov surrenders the positions of the invaders, clearly marking them on the map.

“At the time of the morning of August 9, he was alive. Now I have no data, but I think and hope that he is also alive. The fate of the rest of the fighters of his group is unknown to me,” the message says.

The Russian battalion commander, whose group disappeared on the left bank of Kherson, is in captivity and is losing ground to his own

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