New drone Luna for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: what is special about the German development

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The drone is capable of flying for more than 12 hours.

The defense concern Rheinmetall will transfer to Ukraine the Luna New Generation unmanned system , which it introduced this spring.The concern’s website reports that the new development is designed for aerial surveillance, real-time detection and tracking.

The fuselage is made of CFRP plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. This stable design helps provide over 12 hours of flight time. 

The communication range exceeds 100 km and provides spatial coverage of more than 30 thousand square kilometers.

Another advantage of the Luna system lies in the high level of flexibility both during transport and during use. 

This ground station fits in small vehicles or standard cabins. It can also be quickly transported, for example, by helicopter. 

The new German development has incredibly low acoustic, thermal and radar characteristics.An economical modular system allows you to equip the drone not only with weapons, but also with:

  • modular payloads (including EO, IR, acoustics, spectral analysis);
  • connection to the LTE network / communication relay / command post, which allows intercepting and jamming communications;
  • means of tactical satellite reconnaissance;
  • electronic support means (ESM);
  • guidance systems;
  • AI-enabled data analysis systems;
  • IMEI tracker.

As noted, the drone can be launched from anywhere from a cable catapult. For landing, you can use a parachute, or autonomously using differential GPS on the network.

Military assistance from Rheinmetall

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine has received a lot of weapons from this company.

Today it became known that Rheinmetall will transfer the Luna New Generation unmanned system to Ukraine by the end of the year.In addition, the concern plans to open a  Leopard tank service center  directly in our country in a few weeks. Rheinmetall also announced the transfer of 50 additional  Leopard 1 tanks  and 300 thousand shells for Gepard .

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  1. German government may be slow and hesitant, but Rheinmetall corporation really tries to keep up with the urgent demands of defence. Excellent!

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