Near Moscow there was an explosion and a large-scale fire broke out (video)

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According to eyewitnesses, there was “cotton” of unknown origin before the fire.

A large-scale fire broke out in the suburbs . 

The fire covered an area of ​​2,000 square meters.According to Russian Telegram channels, a powerful fire broke out in Ramenskoye. Local residents reported hearing an explosion and then seeing flames and smoke. 

As Shot writes , the fire occurred in the warehouse of one of the local enterprises on the Doninskoye Highway: between the gas station and the TEMP engineering and research center.”

There are fertilizers in the burning composition. The fire covered almost 2,000 square meters. The causes of the fire and information about the victims are being specified,” the channel writes.

The video from the scene shows that the enterprise was engulfed in dense flames. Emergency services are on the scene, but the fire has not been contained. The authorities are silent about the incident.An enterprise is on fire in Podkomskoye

An enterprise is on fire in the Moscow region

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    • Yeah, just more Moskali guards tossing cigarettes into a highly flammable fertilizer storage plant…
      The Muskovites must be wondering why the propaganda doesn’t match reality.

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