Military Expert: One Crimean Bridge Span Is Likely To Be Crushed

The missile strikes left several “craters” with black smoke rising.


Military analyst Pavel Narozhny commented on the strikes on the Crimean Bridge on Saturday, August 12.

He did not rule out that as a result, at least one span of the Crimean Bridge was destroyed. He expressed this opinion on the air of a nationwide information telethon.

“Judging from the available information, it could have been S-200 missile strikes. There are several craters with black smoke rising, which means there were hits. We see huge problems in the Russian air defence systems in regard to countering missiles…”, the military expert said.

He said that if the strike succeeded in damaging the railway line, this would make it more difficult for the occupiers to transfer military equipment and manpower.

“I hope that today they destroyed a railway span because it is with them that the enemy supplies ammunition and personnel,” Narozhny said.

Earlier it was reported that the Crimean Bridge was covered in smoke, and the invaders stopped traffic. Eyewitnesses report on social media that they heard explosions. At the same time, the online available footage shows smoke rising from several different places on the bridge.


  1. I also hope that a railway span had been hit. If so, and if it was an S-200 or two, then they have been given uncanny accuracy by the Ukrainians.

    • It is bizarre that the Ukrainians can shoot further and with more accuracy with S-200 missiles that weren’t made for that than the Russians with purposely built missiles.

  2. How comes after all of billions of equipment aid served to the ukraine, they could not destroy a bridge for good.That is so embarassing so unbelievable, such a shame.They need almost two years fot to destroy a bridge? c´mon, something is totally wrong here.They need the german taurus before the winter starts.Hopefully by then Olaf is ready with thinking , snorkling hesitation about it.That german hesitation sux by now.Will they wait for the next russian mobilisation or will they wait til the orcs moving to the polish border, we dont know.

    • Maybe sleepy scholz is awaiting the orcs in Berlin?
      He’s still like a scared little girl because of nukes. But, he doesn’t realize that this only provokes more threats to use them, not less, simply because such extortion WORKS.
      Ein schreckliches ende ist besser als ein schrecken ohne ende.

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