By end of year, Rheinmetall will hand cutting-edge UAV over to Ukraine

13 AUGUST 2023

By the end of 2023, the German company Rheinmetall will hand over the Luna NG unmanned aerial reconnaissance system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Source: Bild am Sonntag

Details: The Luna NG consists of a ground control station with several drones, a launch catapult and military trucks, the outlet writes.

It is noted that NG stands for “new generation” of the Luna drone, as other models of drones have already been delivered to Ukraine from the warehouses of the Bundeswehr, the German army.

The publication writes that Luna NG is a newly developed state-of-the-art UAV that surpasses previous models in all important operational characteristics. The drone can not only be used as a reconnaissance system but is also capable of providing an LTE network, intercepting or jamming communications.

The Rheinmetall group website reports that the ultra-light Luna NG provides a flight duration of more than 12 hours and a data transmission range of more than 100 km. The drone provides for coverage of more than 30,000 square kilometres.

UAVs can be launched from almost anywhere using a rope catapult. The landing of the drone is carried out autonomously with the help of differential GPS in the network, or on a parachute.

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  1. Ukraine needs Western jets and long-range capabilities. But, it also needs drones. And, the better they are, the better the AFU can fight the mafia army and increase the kill-rate.
    The statistics sound okay for this drone, but we’ll see how they’ll perform in an electronic warfare environment.

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