British fighter dodges death (video)


British fighter dodges death after being hit by a Russian sniper’s bullet in Ukraine

Ex-Army James Sutton was one of four British soldiers who were wounded during a terrifying trench assault in Ukraine.

They we’re part of a mission to smash Russian lines at the start of Ukraine’s massive summer counter-offensive.

Sutton 35, was shot in the shoulder. Pal James Smith, 33, stepped on a landmine.

A third Brit, known as “Chaplin”, suffered a shrapnel blast to his buttocks.

And a forth, whose call-sign is “Gabriel”, ran into razor wire and sliced his leg to the bone. Luckily, all four survived.

Warning: Intense Combat Footage showing AFU Soldiers in distress.

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  1. These lads are the best of the best. They volunteered to provide their skills to help Ukraine simply because they want to help them defeat the foul scourge of putinaZiism.
    They all must have suffered terrible pain.
    Congrats to the medics who saved them.
    I wish Ukraine had a million more volunteers like them.

    • Well said Sir Scradge, I have great respect for them and the courage they have in facing the genocidal orc horde alongside the Ukrainian. Quick response of medics and stabilization stations have been invaluable in saving soldiers lives. I too wish Ukraine had a million more volunteers like them.

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