“Barbarism and sabotage”: Zakharova threw a tantrum because of the attack on the Crimean bridge

Marta Gichko08:15, 08/13/232 minutes.8392

She stated that the “response” for this attack would not be slow.

In Russia, they hysterically commented on the attack on the Crimean bridge that took place on August 12. A terrorist country promises an “answer”.

This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova. 

She also stated that in addition to an attempt to attack the Crimean bridge, 20 drones allegedly attacked the peninsula at night.

“We strongly condemn these terrorist attacks. The Crimean bridge is an object of purely civilian infrastructure, attacks on which are unacceptable. It has been subjected to such attacks since last autumn. They, in particular, led to the death of civilians. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are not capable, despite on massive Western assistance, to change the situation on the line of combat, they are trying to win back on civilian objects and civilians with the help of unworthy terrorist methods,” the disgraced Zakharova said.

A hysterical representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that “such sabotage gives the international community an opportunity to once again be convinced of the true nature of the Kyiv regime.

“”Such barbaric actions cannot be justified and they will not go unanswered,” she added.

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  1. “She stated that the “response” for this attack would not be slow”

    Is she saying that mafia land now need an excuse to attack Ukrainian civilian infrastructure?

  2. ORC statement:
    “Humanity and the desire to make the world a fairer place are a trait of our nation” 🙂

    The ORC’s talk shows and media circus increasingly resemble self-hypnosis sessions or psychiatric therapy groups where patients desperately try to cope with reality. You’ll soon see them standing in a circle live on TV holding hands while singing songs.

    Let’s be clear. Even the Men in Black and their Neuralyzer can’t deal with the ORCS conditioning. The problem is almost organic. Impossible to implant in their sick brain values ​​such as respect, consideration, empathy or kindness.

    All we can hope for them is that in a moment of clarity, the orcs have the descent to self-terminate before coming to defile the benches of The Hague’s courtroom.

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