West donates less than 100 modern tanks to Ukraine, Russia produces 50 a month – Bild

Yuri Kobzar17:50, 08/12/233 min.1151

The lack of modern weapons is one of the main reasons for the slow pace of the UAF counteroffensive.

Western countries have handed over to Ukraine less than 100 modern tanks  and generally few weapons, which was one of the reasons for the too slow pace of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. 

This is written by the German edition of Bild .“Ukraine and its partners have been overly optimistic, and so have I, I must admit. Breakthroughs through huge minefields and Russian air superiority make this very difficult.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is advancing, but very slowly,” said the former head of the operations headquarters of the German Ministry of Defense, a military expert Nico Lange.

As the newspaper notes, in general, the allies handed over to the Ukrainian army “significantly less than 100” Western battle tanks. 

On the other hand, the Russian arms industry is operating at full capacity, sending 50 tanks to the front a month. In total, the Russians have more than 1,000 tanks in Ukraine.

Due to the fact that we worked too long on [supplying] armored personnel carriers and tanks, the Russians had time to equip huge minefields and defensive positions,” Lange said.

But there are other explanations for Ukraine’s failure on the battlefield, Bild said. According to an internal document of the Bundeswehr, it is the “Ukrainian operational doctrine” that negatively affects the effectiveness of combat brigades.

“Their units are sometimes divided into such small units that although each unit does something, there is no sign of a common combat leadership.

Then the elements of maneuvering are not in focus to build up their own momentum or establish a fire advantage,” the secret document says. , with which the publication has become acquainted.

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  1. I always tried to be an ambassador for the United States in allied states such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Montenegro and Ukraine. But i’m feeling deeply humiliated by my government in D.C. Our global reputation is sinking like the Titanic thanks to completely incompetent cowards!

  2. Of course now they want to blame Ukrainian ineffectiveness on the front line. Here’s a thought you cowardly pieces of shit…get your asses out on the front lines.

  3. Not to worry. We have the greatest leaders since … since … well, since history began. They will wake up very soon and see what a mess they’re causing. They will set things right. Very soon, they will. Believe me. They are not as stupid as we think. They are not spineless cowards, either.

  4. “the “Ukrainian operational doctrine” … negatively affects the effectiveness of combat brigades”
    Blah, Humbug! Without Nato-Jets, long range strategic strike capability, and with too few modern tanks, Nato doctrine can’t work at all. Foreign fighters who joined the defence support this view, many stated that, under these constraints, this war is much harder than the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq. So, under these conditions, Ukraine is doing it exactly right by finding its own way. After all, the AFU is pushing the russian army back, despite Putinstan having more than four times as many people. Those in the West who aren’t satisfied with the speed of the offensive should criticize their own governments, which need to do more to deliver modern arms. F-16, Abrams and Patriots in, Russians out!

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