The ruble collapsed to 100 units per dollar

Elena Kovalenko20:59, 08/12/231 min.1094

As of 20:06 Kyiv time, one dollar was worth 100 Russian rubles.

The Russian ruble continues to fall and as of August 12, it crossed the three-digit mark.According to Googl Finance, as of 20:06 Kyiv time, one dollar was worth 100 Russian rubles. Euro as of 20:24 Kyiv time cost 109.64 rubles.

A larger drop was recorded only in March 2022, when the Russian ruble fell to 107 rubles per dollar.

Screenshot of Google Finance
Screenshot of Google Finance
Screenshot of Google Finance
Screenshot of Google Finance

The collapse of the Russian ruble

On August 9, 2023, the Russian ruble entered the top three weakest currencies in the world . 

For seven months of 2023, the ruble lost 57% against the dollar.The currency of the aggressor country, in terms of the rate of decline, even overtook the Turkish lira. At the same time, the fall of the currency continues.

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  1. They just took measures not so long ago to prop up the rub(b)le. I think it didn’t work.

  2. £1 = 125.666
    $1 = 98.99
    Euro 1 = 108.56

    Cheaper than bog paper but not as efficient.

    Shithole country, shithouse currency.

    To put it into some kind of context, the third poorest Country in the World, Mozambique,
    1 Metical = 1.55 rubbles……………………

    But at least I’d like to spend some time in Mozambique……..

  3. Russlans will say: we are getting rich! When we brought one dollar to the exchange a year ago we got only 65 ruble for it, now 100 rubles? What sanctions? hahahaha

  4. “Shelf life of the digital ruble:
    There is a possibility that the new currency will have a shelf life. After its expiry, the money will vanish. That is, Russians will not be able to save and withdraw money. And it will also have to be spent before the expiry date.
    The digital ruble is a new and convenient way of control by the Russian authorities. It will make them able to restrict financial transactions, encourage the purchase of certain goods and forbid others with a single button.
    Such a rapid introduction of the digital ruble might suggest that the Central Bank is preparing for a shortage of cash.”

    • Oh the brain dead moskali will love that, freedom from worrying about what to spend money on, worrying about saving it because its not worth saving, worrying about buying the correct things.
      The upside is that it will cause them more suffering which they love and think is a good thing.

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