The Crimean bridge is covered in smoke and explosions are heard: the invaders stopped traffic

The bridge was completely covered in thick black smoke. Explosions are heard, they report on the work of the air defense of the Russian invaders.

12 August 2023

The Crimean bridge on Saturday afternoon, August 12, was enveloped in black smoke. Public reports report that explosions are heard there and the air defense of the aggressor country Russia is working.

Eyewitnesses on social media report that they heard explosions. At the same time, from the photos and videos published on the network, it can be seen that smoke rises from several different places on the bridge.

The movement of vehicles on the Crimean bridge was temporarily blocked by the Russian invaders. After that, Coast Guard boats rushed to the bridge.

Gauleiter Sergei Aksyonov, appointed by the invaders of the Russian Federation, reported that Russian air defense allegedly shot down two missiles in the area of ​​the Kerch Strait, and the Crimean bridge, they say, was not damaged.

At the same time, the Russian so-called “authority” of Crimea notes that the smoke around the bridge is allegedly “a special curtain created by the Russian special services.”

Smoke over the Crimean bridge
Smoke over the Crimean bridge / screen

Later, it was reported in public that almost all the smoke over the Crimean bridge had dispersed, but in one place it continues to rise. According to an eyewitness who filmed it on video, in one place of the bridge “it can be sad.”

Smoke over the Crimean bridge / screen

Watch the video of how the Crimean bridge looks now. The smoke has cleared almost everywhere, but in one place it continues to rise:

After that, the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country of Russia reported that at about 13:00 on Saturday, August 12, there was an attempt to strike at the Crimean bridge with an S-200 anti-aircraft guided missile, redesigned into a strike version. At the same time, the enemy agency is trying to convince them that they “discovered and intercepted this missile in time.”

There were repeated explosions near the Crimean bridge

Around 15:00 it became known that new explosions were heard near the Crimean bridge. A thick column of smoke rose again over the bridge.

After that, Gauleiter Sergei Aksyonov reported that the air defense of the Russian invaders shot down another missile over the Kerch Strait.

Explosions on the Crimean bridge

As Glavred reported, on the night of July 17, explosions thundered on the Crimean bridge and the span fell. The “head” of the Crimea occupied by the Russian Federation, Sergei Aksenov, said that traffic was stopped on the Crimean bridge – an emergency occurred in the area of ​​​​the 145th support from the Krasnodar Territory.


    • Nope! russia shot them all down as usual. The flotilla of boats rushing to the bridge were sightseer’s. 😂

  1. Why would you need a smokescreen against missiles? Unless it is to disguise the real cause of the attack. Seeing black smoke rising from the base of the bridge, it appears Ukraine got through again.

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