Architects developed a project to rebuild Posad-Pokrovsky destroyed by the Russians (photo)

The architectural company Archimatika presented the reconstruction project of the village of Posad-Pokrovske in the Kherson region, which was damaged by enemy shelling. Submitted by  Promyslovy Portal  with a link to Non-moving media .The village project was developed in partnership with the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine. 

His vision was discussed at a meeting with residents of Posad-Pokrovsky.

Archimatika project

The unity of the architectural image will become the hallmark of the village.

 The project involves the restoration of destroyed buildings in such a way as to preserve the authentic image of the settlement by introducing a design code. 

Archimatika project

In addition to the house, each village yard includes a certain number of blocks of household premises (burying ground, summer kitchen, chicken coop, barn, etc.). 

“Returning the house and not returning the farm buildings is pointless, because life in the village is impossible without them. Therefore, the architects thought on the scale of a household, not a separate building,” Archimatika said.

In this regard, in addition to several types of houses, the project includes several types of economic “modules”. In fact, such a module is an “empty” building. In it, each owner will be able to arrange the function that he considers necessary for himself personally. 

Archimatika project

The new buildings will interpret the traditional local architecture: plastered facades, gable or tent roofs, composite tiles as an optimal alternative to the historically inherent Posad-Pokrovsky ceramics, which in some places have been preserved here since the 19th century. 

Each homestead will be rebuilt according to the principle of a semi-enclosed courtyard – this is historically characteristic of local development. Reception allows you to close the yard from strong steppe winds.

To protect from the scorching sun, architects suggest arranging pergolas and galleries around the perimeter of each yard, forming a patio. In the future, fruit trees will grow here.

Archimatika project

Historically, most of the buildings of Posad Pokrovsky were built from adobe produced there. It is an ecological, easy to manufacture and cheap building material. As an alternative to common industrial materials, the architects propose to use this technology, renewing the production of adobe blocks on the existing clay. This would create jobs and give the population a sense of ownership in the recovery of their own village.


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