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Ekaterina Girnyk17:48, 08/10/234 min.1048

Ukrainians really need good news from the front, but they don’t get it.

For almost 18 months, Ukraine has resisted the Russian invaders , providing support to its troops, but war weariness is slowly starting to build up.

According to The Washington Post , the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to win victories last year in the Kiev, Kharkiv and Kherson regions, which gave the Ukrainians the strength to survive a difficult winter due to airstrikes on civilian infrastructure. 

All the while, Ukrainian officials and their Western partners have been talking about a future counter-offensive that they hope, through a flood of new weapons and training, will turn the tide of the war. 

But two months after Ukraine went on the offensive, with little visible progress on the front, the narrative of unity and endless resilience began to fray.”The death toll – untold thousands – is increasing daily. Millions of people are displaced and do not see a way to return home.

In all corners of the country, civilians have been debilitated by a series of recent Russian attacks, including strikes on a historic cathedral in Odessa, an apartment building in Krivoy Rog and a blood transfusion center in Kharkiv region,” the newspaper writes.VIDEO OF THE DAYplay video

WP notes that Ukrainians, in dire need of good news, simply don’t get it.As one of the volunteers notes, before, even when the situation was painful, “people were united.” 

They volunteered, cooked food for each other, and delivered food to the soldiers. Now, she says, there is a sense of collective “disillusionment.”

The woman notes that there are far fewer men walking the streets than before. Ukraine does not disclose its military casualties, but it says everyone is sharing stories of new soldiers at the front who only lasted two or three days.

Ukrainians are also oppressed by the lack of active success at the front.A woman whose husband returned from the war without a leg said she wanted “the counteroffensive to be more active.” 

“I want the price they (the soldiers) paid to be reasonable. Otherwise, what they went through is simply useless,” she said.At the same time, her husband declares that, given the situation in the army, he will no longer go to the front.

“Everyone is taken and sent to the front line without proper preparation,” he said. “I don’t want to be in the company of unmotivated people.”

Although people are mostly angry at Russia, they are also not afraid to criticize Ukraine, in particular, corrupt officials. As some soldiers say, people who profit from the war “should be sent to the front lines.”

Also, people often blame those who are now having fun and having fun, despite the war.

“All these dancing and smiling people should remember that there are soldiers like my boyfriend in the trenches without rotation and under fire every day,” said the girl, whose boyfriend is now at the front.

Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – what is known

Ukraine launched a new wave of counter-offensive two months ago. In particular, in the southern direction, the goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was to cut the land corridor and block the supply routes for the territories occupied by the invaders.

However, the pace of the counteroffensive is very slow, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to break through the Russian fortifications and minefields that the occupiers managed to create during their stay in the occupied territories.

This has drawn repeated criticism from Western allies, while the Ukrainian military leadership assures that everything is going according to plan and insists that this tactic helps to reduce losses among soldiers.

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  1. Ukraine has final say in what it does, with what, and where. The Western babblers have no room to complain at pace of progress in light of lack of provision, and late provision of what Ukraine requires, and has asked for, to fulfill such a monumental task.

  2. I was fighting with the tigers in Croatia, Bosnia 92-93. The mood was euphoria because of our military success. I hosted sites in support of Ukraine since 2014, but never witnessed so much agony since RuSSia’s full scale invasion. Fighting for Nato membership being constantly denied to Ukraine, fighting for EU membership while eastern partners reject ukrainian agricultural imports, and not being supplied with all necessary weapons is a totally perverted situation. I wish i could give a plausible answer to all of this, but i don’t have it. Doesn’t God know any mercy, this bullshit has to stop! 🇺🇦

  3. Ukraine needs a real man, Ukraine needs PETRO POROSHENKO! Ukraine was much warmer and more united when Petro was in charge. He was like a brother, a friend. Zelensky feels like a foreigner, a newbie, a novice in charge.

  4. Pity the WP don’t say why the pace of the counteroffensive is slow. The main reason it is slow because they are supposed to fight to NATO standards without NATO weapons, and the reluctance of the WH to send them.

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