Russia restricts access to VPN to deprive Russians of objective news – British intelligence

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There is also an information campaign against VPN.

The Russian authorities are trying to increase censorship by limiting the access of Russian citizens to virtual private networks (VPNs) in order to deprive them of access to objective international news sources.

As reported by the UK Department of Defense on  Twitter , the Kremlin has stepped up its efforts over the past week. Many of the most popular VPNs have ceased to be used in some regions of Russia.

According to British intelligence, VPNs are extremely popular in Russia, although they have been banned since 2017. 

These services allow users to access unbiased international news sources, in particular about the war in Ukraine.

“VPNs are probably the biggest vulnerability in the Russian state’s attempts to establish comprehensive control over inside information.

In addition to increasing technical failures, the Russian state has also launched a public information campaign in an attempt to scare citizens into avoiding VPNs by handing over their personal data,” – noted in the department.

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  1. There is no subject.

    What is the need for censorship in ORCLAND?!

    The direct and uniform adherence of the masses to official information is so strong that no other sound is heard in all ORCLAND.

    Moreover, do not dream, at best the people of ORCLAND are indifferent to the Ukrainian genocide. Otherwise the vast majority is completely in agreement with what is happening in Ukraine! I find it outrageous that the Kremlin Nazi does not trust his brainless and degenerate people enough! 🙂

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