Ogryzko: law on Lend-Lease does not change situation with weapons for Ukraine

10.08.2023 17:40F

Former Foreign Minister and head of the Center for Russian Studies Volodymyr Ohryzko believes that the law on Lend-Lease, if it is extended, will not change the situation with getting the necessary weapons from the United States due to the absence of a political decision by the American leadership.

The diplomat expressed this opinion in an interview with Ukrlife.TV, according to Ukrinform.”Let’s imagine that the Lend-Lease has been signed.

But if there is no political decision to give us the weapons we need, it does not change the situation. If it is just a matter of giving us more shells or tanks, then it does not solve the key issue – getting the means that we desperately need today, because there is no political decision, and with or without the Lend-Lease, the situation will not change,” Ohryzko said.

He added that the United States still has money to help Ukraine, and the State Department has stated that the support program is being designed to continue regardless of who will lead the country after the election.


But the issue is the political will of the U.S. leadership to give us what Ukraine desperately needs today,” the former Foreign Minister said.

As reported, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova said in late July that Ukrainian diplomats are now working very actively to extend the Lend-Lease law in the United States.

On May 9, 2022, US President Joe Biden approved S. 3522, the Ukraine Lend-Lease and Democracy Protection Act of 2022, which allows for the activation of the US fast-track assistance program for Ukraine.



  1. Seems the US is a constant loser.

    Vietnam – lost
    Korea – almost lost
    Iraq – almost lost
    Afghanistan – completely lost
    Ukraine – abandoned
    Iran – pants soiled

    I will boycott all Hollywood war movies until they finally reflect reality.

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