Expert Explains What Explosion At Optical-Mechanical Plant In Moscow Region Means For Russia.

There are almost no enterprises of this level left in the Russian Federation.


Production of night vision devices in Russia may be stopped or severely limited due to the powerful explosion that took place today at the Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant in the Moscow region.

Military expert, Major in the reserve of the National Guard of Ukraine Oleksiy Hetman said this on air of the ‘Common News’ TV marathon, reported.

– “Optics, which are used in night vision devices, must be highly accurate, because any deviation will affect the coordinates, the sight, the gun. This is a high-precision facility, it must be free of any vibrations, there are very high requirements. This will have a significant impact on Russia. In the best case for Russians, they will stop producing a third of the devices for a while, and in the best case for us, the production will be stopped 100%,” he said in an interview with host Vadim Karpyak.

The expert suggested that there are not many plants of this level in Russia, “about one or two more”, so the explosion could play into the hands of the AFU.

We remind that today, there was a powerful explosion at the Zagorsk optical-mechanical plant in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region.

The plant produces special-purpose equipment: aviation sights, thermal imagers, homing missile heads, laser-type detection units, optical observation devices.

It also produces dual-purpose products: eyepieces, sights, night vision binoculars and monoculars, combined (day-night) binoculars, binoculars with image stabilisation.


  1. Optics are very important. I think everyone knows this. So, I doubt that this was an accident, as the mafiosi are claiming. This was a deliberate strike to hinder or stop the orcs from producing these devices.

    • The optics were also mixed in with missiles. There are plenty of images circulating that show missiles scattered around after the place blew up.

    • Unfortunately putinaZi shitstains attacked Rivne. DT:

      “A “massive” Russian drone strike destroyed an oil depot in Ukraine’s western Rivne region this morning, head of the regional military administration Vitaly Koval said.

      Standing in front of the depot which was still ablaze and billowing black smoke, the governor reported the attack via a video posted on Telegram.

      There were 45 rescuers at the scene, Mr Koval said, and 14 units of rescue equipment involved in putting the blaze out.

      No casualties were reported from the attack and the governor said that chemical and radiation levels were normal, meaning that locals would not have to be evacuated.

      Russia’s targeting of energy infrastructure has been a key tactic throughout the war and will likely be an increasing priority to create logistical difficulties for Kyiv as their grinding counter-offensive prepares to head into the autumn. “

      • Clearly, the country needs more air defense systems. But, still, I don’t understand why such a facility wasn’t protected in the first place. I hope they learned their lesson.

        • Most Patriot systems shield Zelensky’s bunker. Just like when the ruSSians started their full scale invasion, leaving the southern front undefended.

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