After resignation, Merkel spent an insane amount of budget money on hairstyles: details

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Merkel has become the “most expensive” former chancellor in German history.

In the year and a half that has passed since the resignation of Angela Merkel  from the post of German Chancellor, the federal government has spent almost 55 thousand euros on cosmetics and hairstyles for the “pensioner”. This is stated in the government’s official response to a journalistic request from Tagesspiegel .

According to journalists, after her retirement, Merkel continues to use the services of a personal hairdresser, makeup artist and fashion designer. 

The German government spent 37,780 euros last year and 17,200 euros this year to pay for her work. “This means that for the beautiful appearance of the former head of government, you need to pay about 3,000 euros a month.

If the stylist accompanies Merkel to a meeting, there are also travel and hotel costs,” the newspaper notes.

Journalists also note that the amount of expenses hints that Merkel uses the services of a makeup artist almost constantly, since otherwise it would be cheaper to visit a regular beauty salon from time to time.

Remarkably, Merkel’s hairstyles now cost the German government only slightly less than the appearance of the incumbent chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who has to speak in public on an almost daily basis. His hair and make-up cost €21,808 this year and €39,910 last year. 

That is, only 7 thousand euros more than in the same time for Merkel’s hair and makeup.Yes, and that’s not all. For her “political afterlife,” Merkel maintains an office with nine permanent employees and a company car, the newspaper notes. 

All this costs the German budget several hundred thousand euros a year.”Until now, no former chancellor has been as dear to the federal government as Angela Merkel,” writes Tagesspiegel. 

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