Update from Ukraine | Denys Davydov (video w/ad)


Update from Ukraine | Urgent New Landing operation by Ukraine.

Denys Davydov Telegram Channel https://t.me/pilotblog

Ukraine Night Raid in a Fast Boat (intense & loud)

Source: NAFOARMY 2023

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  1. Maybe the bridgehead around Antanovsky Bridge will be the most promising direction for Ukraine’s offensive. It certainly isn’t as much defended by massive minefields, trenches, and better orc troops. I wonder if we have plenty of landing boats sitting around uselessly like other gear. Such items could help the AFU a lot. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we do, and Biden snoozes on that, too. The AFU could even make a major amphibious landing at Zaliznyi Port or Skadovsk and come up to the orcs fighting the bridgehead from behind.

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