Ukraine’s counteroffensive needs Western Fighter Jets (video)


Ukraine’s counteroffensive needs Western fighter jets to turn the tide on Putin | Oz Katerji

“If Western governments want Ukraine to win this war, then they need to give Ukraine the tools it needs.”

“Ukrainians are very defiant people” but allies need to stop “grumbling” about the pace of the counteroffensive unless they provide more weapons says journalist Oz Katerji.

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  1. This pundit seems to have it about right. The best advice Ukraine’s so-called friends can give now is : “ok lads, continue with the counteroffensive, preserve your valuable men, take it steady and take back what you can before the winter slow-down.
    As for us, we fucked up; we are very sorry. We are finally assembling everything you asked for to defeat putler. You will have the 400 modern MBT’s you requested, as many ATACM’s as we can provide, more Storms/SCALP’s, 10 squadrons of modern multi-role aircraft, long range air-to-air missiles, more modern artillery, more ammo, more attack drones, attack helis and crucially; much more in the form of air defence.
    So start planning for the 2024 counteroffensive now. We will provide you with sufficient long range fires to degrade the putler war machine throughout the coming winter.”

    • Unfortunately, that’s like wishing for the grand win of the Powerball lottery. Very desirable but very unlikely.

  2. That decorated war veteran, Biden, says Ukraine don’t need planes or long range missiles.

    • And then carries on saying, “We will provide Ukraine everything they need to get their territory back and we will do so for as long as it takes.” Biden’s excuse for no F-16s a year ago was that it would take a year to become operable…well, hello a year later, thanks …

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