The captured occupier was asked if there were Nazis in Ukraine: the answer was “killed” (video)

Violetta Orlova02:58, 08/09/232 minutes.65644

The invader continues to believe Russian propaganda.

Russian invader in captivity called Ukrainians “civilized Nazis”. A fragment of a conversation with him was published by RBC-Ukraine .

The occupant’s name is Artyom, he is from the Russian city of Kemerovo. In the camp for Russian prisoners of war, according to the video, he makes gift bags. When the journalist asks if the Nazis would treat him that way, he says that Ukrainians are “civilized Nazis.”– Thought we were Nazis here?

Yes.- And now how?-

I still think the same.-

What are we Nazis?

– Yes

.- And how are you here in captivity, good conditions?

– Yes, good

.- Would the Nazis have behaved well in captivity?-

Well, you civilized Nazis.

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  1. I would then show him what real Nazis would do and throw him into a dank, dark crap hole on bread and water.

    • Amazing to hear those that invade their smaller neighbors because they think they’re nazis and totally ignoring the fact THEY are the ones acting like nazis…they don’t even see the blood on their hands.

      • Typical ruskie. What do you expect from a people famous for Potemkin Villages? Even their own lives are Potemkin Villages. They are Nazis and don’t know it.

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