In Finland, a Russian diplomat attacked an activist

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The diplomat tore the poster out of the hands of the protester and tried to hit him.

In Finland, an employee of the Russian diplomatic mission was accused of attacking an activist near the Russian Consulate General in Turku. 

According to Yle , the attacked activist himself spoke about this.

According to the newspaper, activist Petr Trofimov regularly holds solo protests in front of the Russian Consulate General in Turku. On Saturday, August 5, he went out with a picket in support of his friend Dmitry Skurikhin, who was sentenced in Russia to 1.5 years in a penal colony for saying “Sorry, Ukraine.

“Trofimov asked a passing Finn to take a picture of him with a poster, after which, according to him, a man ran out of the consultation room, tore the poster out of the hands of the protester and tried to hit him.

An employee of the Russian consulate jumped out of the gate and, using obscene language, threatened me and my relatives with physical violence.

He grabbed the poster and tore it up. I, dodging the blows, remained with fragments of the poster in my hands, and the employee disappeared behind the fence,” the activist told Novosti Yle.

He suspects that the diplomat was drunk, because a farewell corporate party was held in the diplomatic mission in connection with the closure of the consulate.

“There was a picnic with a barbecue in the backyard of the consulate, perhaps it was the use of alcohol that played a cruel joke on the attacker,” the activist suggests.In connection with the incident, Trofimov filed a complaint with the Finnish police, as well as with the Russian prosecutor’s office. 

Police in Southwestern Finland confirmed to Yle that they had begun investigating the incident.

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  1. That’s one reason why it’s best to throw all ruskies out of your country. All of them! Better safe than sorry.

    • Should have started in 1993 when the Moskali simply refused to remove their military and equipment from former Soviet occupied states. Since then, look what happened to Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and I believe, Azerbaijan. Maybe more.

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