Does The US still believe Russia can be cured?

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Aug 8

“I hate America from my childhood and want to die in Russia, can’t stand living here!” – says a man who’s been in USA since 2018, enjoying American healthcare, because in Russia “it was not of such good quality”. “This city, New York, is so nice, they bought it all for their green printed pieces of worthless paper!”

That’s what you want to know about an average Russian. They like USING America but deep inside still want to destroy it. And this man is well off, at least Russian upper middle class. 80% of Russians have never been abroad as they cannot afford it, they have a MUCH worse opinion of US. You won’t get any gratitude from them, ever.

And that’s after US saved Russia many times in the past. In WW2, it would have ceased to exist without a land lease. In 1891βˆ’1892 they had famine, and US sent food thus saving it from collapse. Russians remember cheap frozen chickens from US in 1990ties when the economy was in ruins.

I remember in 1991 George H. W. Bush had a speech in the Ukrainian parliament asking us not to exit USSR (luckily, we did not listen to him). Even now, the USA is helping Ukraine but keeping it on the level that it does not break Russia apart.

What kind of role-play toxic relations game is this? Russia wants to destroy the US and the average Russian would clearly state it, but the US always saving Russia as if it needs it for some political sado-maso games. Or does US still believe Russia can be cured?

We Ukrainians know it can’t. Dozens of millions of us were killed by them in the 20th century alone, and in our history, we had 38 wars, out of which in 37 of them (Russia/Moskovia/Suzdal) attacked us (Ukraine/Rus). This story is 800 years old and was repeated many times, time to learn at last. This archaic empire has to fall.


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Pavlo Prochan

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β€œThe US foreign policy is ILLOGICAL.

American engineers built thousands of industrial plants for Joseph Stalin in 1930s, and thus the US shaped the USSR as industrial power.

Americans supplied weapons, ammos and other military stuff to the USSR in 1940s, and thus the US saved the USSR from being defeated by Germans.

In 1945-1991, Americans fought against the enemy, which they had shaped by themselves.

In 1990s, Americans supplied Russia with humanitarian aid, and allowed Russians to genocide Chechnya and thus saved the former Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic from dissolution and civil war.

During 2000s-2010s, the USA and the EU invested trillions of bucks into Russian economy, and allowed Russians to fight against neighbouring countries.

Now, the USA is shaping new enemies, by investing trillions of dollars into Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Indonesian economies.


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Yana Rudenko

Yana Rudenko

My super power is being Ukrainian.

TYPICAL RUSSIAN Let’s get everything for free but yes America and Europe are bad!!! So evil.


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  1. Bush 1’s β€œChicken Kiev” (as it then was spelt) speech was the height of idiocy.

    • Bush said :

      β€œAmericans will not support those who seek independence in order to replace a far-off tyranny with a local despotism. They will not aid those who promote a suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred.”


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