Unnamed Country Buys 50 Leopard 1 Tanks from Belgium for Ukraine

Tuesday, 8 August 2023

The first Leopard 1 tanks were shipped from Belgian territory to Ukraine on Monday morning.

As reported by the Belgian publication Business AM, an unnamed country bought tanks for Ukraine.

These 50 tanks were completely decommissioned from Belgian army’s arsenal several years ago. The military leadership decided to remove all heavy tracked vehicles from service and replace them with lighter armoured wheeled machines under pressure of additional cost savings.

However, the tanks were not included in the list of equipment Belgium supplies to Ukraine. According to Defense Minister, Ludivine Defender, they are too expensive to put into operation.

She mentioned this earlier this year, stating, “Efforts were made to refurbish them, but the company is now asking up to 500,000 euros per tank. I understand that work isn’t free, but the margin is exaggerated.”

Belgium sold the tanks to the OIP Systems company for only 15,000 euros each, effectively treating them as scrap metal. The army lacked hangars to store the decommissioned equipment, so they sold it at dumping prices.

Nevertheless, the unnamed country decided to purchase the Leopard 1 tanks. After thorough reconstruction, the first machines are already on their way to Ukraine across Germany, and Italy. They will be equipped with new armament systems along the way.

The country that purchased these tanks remains unknown. Currently, only Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands have announced their intention to supply Leopard 1 tanks purchased from industry to Ukraine.

In late July , Germany reported a new batch of aid sent to Ukraine, including ten Leopard 1 A5 tanks.

In June, the Swiss government disallowed the re-export of almost a hundred Leopard 1 tanks, which were supposed to be delivered to Ukraine after refurbishment in Germany.

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  1. I have an idea. Let’s organize a crowdfunding to finance the purchase of an atomic bomb for Ukraine. All people in the free world can contribute to it. the united nations are not fulfilling their essential duty, so let’s take matters into our own hands.

    • I would support your idea if I knew it had half a chance for success. We have certain entities crying like little girls when Ukraine strikes the orc capital with little drones, I can imagine the storm of tears and snot if it were to get even a single, tactical nuke. If it were up to me, I would hand over a hundred nukes and a fleet of B-2 bombers and tell them to turn mafia land into a wasteland.

      • I understand your desire for revenge and justice. But I believe that the “Israel” security mode is the only serious way out for Ukraine.

        Ukraine will never join NATO, I am unfortunately convinced of that.

        One way or another, one of the States which did not respect the Budapest agreements will have to make the useful gesture and supply a bomb.

        But before that, let’s ask North Korea first 🙂

        • NATO doesn’t deserve to have Ukraine in its cowardly ranks. It would be a disgrace for the country.

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