The highest degree of cynicism: Russia has found a twin city for Mariupol

Angela Bachevskaya23:34, 08.08.232 minutes.503

The head of the “administration” signed the corresponding agreement.

Russia made Grozny a twin city of captured Mariupol . 

This is reported by the Russian media.Today, the mayor of Grozny, Khas-Magomed Kadyrov, and the head of the occupation administration of Mariupol, Oleg Morgun, signed an agreement “on establishing sister city relations between the cities” and “exchanged gifts.

“According to the document, they will develop cooperation “in the interests of the residents of the two cities.” “It is planned to establish and develop contacts in the field of education, healthcare, culture, sports, social protection and other areas,” the message says.

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  1. Classic ORC-style. Inimitable!

    I soon see 2 haunted cities. Ukrainian dead do not forgive, do not forget!

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