The former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, who danced with Putin, settled in a village near Ryazan – media

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Kneisl has been living in a rented house for several weeks.

The former head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Karin Kneissl, who danced with Russian President Vladimir Putin at her wedding , settled in the village of Petrushovo, Ryazan region. 

She has been living in a rented house for several weeks now.”I paid for another month, and then we’ll see. I don’t know anything about my future, nothing,” she complained to the Russian edition of Side View .

It is noted that in 2018 Kneisl got married and danced with Putin at her wedding. 

However, she soon divorced.

In 2020, Kneissl left Austria “due to constant death threats and a virtual ban on working in Austria.”

 She lived in Lebanon, and then came to Russia. Now the former top official is renting a house in the village of Petrushovo, which even the local authorities seem to have forgotten about.

“It must be said that this remote village attracts foreigners not for the first time, here they bought the village houses of a French woman, from one of whom Karin Kneissl rented housing.

There are no sights in Petrushovo, but this is a very nice, neat Russian village that you rarely see (though years, it became much worse with landscaping, the leadership of the Giblitsky settlement, which includes Petrushovo, practically forgot about its existence),” the article says.

What is known about Karin Kneissl 

Karin Kneissl served as Austrian Foreign Minister from 2017 to 2019. 

Known for her close relationship with Putin, before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, she supported the Russian dictator by watching his 2007 Munich speech, when Putin spoke about the unipolarity of the modern world. 

From February 2021 to May 2022, Kneisl was also a member of the board of directors of the Russian company Rosneft . 

She left this post due to the threat of being sanctioned.

It is noteworthy that she became one of the few “foreign” guests at  Putin’s economic forum in St. Petersburg on June 15. 

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